GF ND haandi chicken 18.95
a bold-flavoured chicken dish in a light tomato-based sauce with freshly sliced onions and bell peppers,
GF ND home style chicken Curry 18.95
boneless chicken breast simmered in a coconut-based sauce, seasoned with mustard seed and curry leaf.
GF butter chicken 18.95
tandoori roast chicken breast simmered in a rich, silky sauce of fresh tomatoes and cream, toasted cashews, fenugreek leaves and garlic, seasoned with garam masala and a bit of sweetness.
GF chicken korma 18.95
yogurt-marinated chicken cooked in a cashew-based sauce flavoured with cardamom, keora and fennel.
GF chicken tikka masala 18.95
boneless marinated chicken breast in a creamy tomato sauce flavoured with cardamom, cloves, fenugreek leaves and bell peppers.
GF ND lamb twist masala  20.95
tender, boneless spring lamb rubbed with garlic and spices before being simmered in a spicy tomato-based sauce seasoned with fresh herbs.
GF ND lamb madras 20.95
succulent spring lamb slow-cooked in a coconut, tomato and cashew nut sauce laced with a smokey blend of toasted spices and curry leaves.


GF ND fish magic 21.95
boneless, skinless salmon steaks rubbed with fenugreek and garam masala, then gently cooked in a mild coconut-based sauce seasoned with carom seeds and paprika. one of our chef’s special dishes.
GF ND goan fish curry 19.95
filet of flounder in a spicy coconut-based sauce seasoned with goan red chili and coconut vinegar.
GF ND chili shrimp 21.95
perfectly cooked shrimp in a toasted coconut-based sauce infused with a blend of hot chilies and garlic.


pappadums  1.45
2 pieces
naan 3.45
tandoori bread
garlic naan 3.95
tandoori bread with fresh garlic
roti 3.45
whole wheat tandoori flatbread
matar pulao 5.95
premium aged basmati rice with green peas
plain rice 3.95
premium aged basmati rice
raita 4.95
cooling yogurt with cucumbers and mint
lime pickle 2.45
hot OR sweet, your choice
spicy mixed pickle  2.45
indian mixed vegetable pickle
mango chutney 2.45
hot and sweet