GF (Gluten Free) ND (Dairy Free) VG (Vegan)


ND Stuffed Bread Rolls 7.95
Crunchy and stuffed with spiced potatoes, green peas, fresh coriander and ginger. Served with tamarind chutney.
ND VG Onion Bhajjia 7.95
Crunchy gram flour fritters with spinach, onion, ginger and spices.
GF ND Saffron Chicken Tikka 10.95
Roasted boneless chicken breast chunks sautéed with saffron, paprika, garlic, bell peppers, onions and fresh herbs.
ND Sheekh Kebab 10.95
Tender, spiced minced chicken, roasted on skewers in a tandoor oven. Sautéed with onions, bell peppers, garlic and ginger. Served with mint chutney.
GF Tawa Paneer 9.95
Browned indian cheese sautéed with tempered spices, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and fresh coriander.
ND VG Aloo Tikki 8.45
Herbed and spiced fried potato patties. Topped with chick peas and smothered in sweet and sour tamarind chutney.
GF ND Macchi Tikka 12.95
Skinned and deboned salmon marinated in a spice paste and sautéed with carom seeds, coconut and lime.

Vegetarian Dishes

GF ND VG Chana Masala 9.95
Fresh chick peas flavoured with toasted cumin, ginger and raw mango powder. An old family recipe.
GF ND VG Daal Amritsari 9.95
An aromatic black lentil and kidney bean preparation seasoned with tempered spices and fresh mint.
GF ND VG Daal Palak 9.95
A tasty mix of pink and two kinds of yellow lentils, with fresh baby spinach and fresh tomatoes. Lightly spiced.
GF ND VG Baigan Bharta 10.95
Smoked eggplant mashed and sautéed with caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes, peas and toasted spices.
GF ND VG Aloo Gobhi 10.95
Lightly spiced potato and cauliflower dry curry with fresh peas and juicy tomatoes. Seasoned with ginger, Garlic and fresh coriander.
Saag Paneer 11.95
Soft browned indian cheese, smothered in an earthy preparation of ground mustard and spinach greens. Flavoured with caramelized onions, ginger, turmeric and green chili.
GF Paneer Veggie Twist 11.95
Browned indian cheese, onions and bell peppers curried in a hot and tangy tomato and caramelized onion based sauce.
GF Butter Paneer 11.95
Soft indian cheese in a sweet, silky and nutty tomato sauce with garlic, fenugreek leaves and cardamom.
GF Matar Paneer Masala 11.95
Plump green peas and indian cheese in a smooth tomato and cashew sauce seasoned with fennel seed.